Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michelle Obama in Jacksonville, NC

Today was an exciting day! My friend, Lara, and I went to the Jacksonville Commons Recreation Center to see Michelle Obama. She was there to discuss the military and to talk about Barack's vision for creating the kind of change we need.

The event was open to the public and the doors opened at noon and the program began at 1:30. Lara and I got there a little before noon and there was already a line a mile long. Okay, I might be exaggerating here just a little but it was a very long line. We weren't sure if we would get in or not but we did and ended up getting pretty good seats.

It was a high energy crowd and there were lots of chants. I had never been to a political rally before, nor had Lara who is from Australia and it seemed that we were right in the middle of the biggest cheering section. It was exciting though!

I was very impressed by Michelle Obama from the way she was dressed to how she spoke and what she said. She seemed to be very approachable and personable and I liked that.

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Jill and Lara

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