Friday, October 17, 2008

JPS Fall Festival

Whew! Today has been a busy day. No, this has been a busy week. Tonight was the Fall Festival and Silent Auction at Johnson Primary School. All of the PTA and volunteers worked so hard to make it a success. And even though we had to make a last minute decision to move it indoors because of rain, the evening was a success even among the chaos. I was at the school pretty much all day and Dave brought Grace and Zachary around 5 pm when it started. I was running around busy helping with things and didn't get to take them around to all of the games and booths but I did take a break at one point to have dinner with them. I think everyone had fun though. Grace and Zachary both enjoyed the cotton candy and all the prizes they got from playing the games. I helped clean up afterwards and Zachary and Dave were crashed on the couch when Grace and I got home. I am completely exhausted and can't wait to crash also.

Oh yeah, today is Dave's birthday. I felt so bad - nachos and chili cheese dogs for his birthday! I asked him earlier in the week if we could just pretend that today was not the 17th and celebrate his birthday on Saturday or Sunday because I knew today was going to be such a hectic day. And that was fine with him.

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