Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Our friends and neighbors, Annette and Rob O'Day, invited us over to their house to spend Halloween. They fixed a yummy casserole which Annette actually baked in a pumpkin, mummy dogs and all kinds of munchies! After we all ate, the husbands took all of the kids trick-or-treating while Annette, Beth Ann and I stayed at Annette's house and passed out candy. Annette and Beth Ann always dress up for Halloween and I was not going to but I felt like a party pooper so I went home and dressed up as Snow White. Zachary was Darth Vader, Grace was a cowgirl and Dave wore his pirate hat. It actually turned really cold tonight and Dave and Zach ended up coming back pretty early but Grace stayed out with the big kids and lasted as long as they did. She had a blast!
Grace and Zachary with Ellis and Olivia O'Day and Olivia's friends
David & Beth Ann, Ellis, Rob, Annette, Grace & me
The O'Day's

Our neighbor, Pat Simon, as Elvis so I had to get my picture made with him!

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