Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

Zachary's Paradise Point Halloween Party

Today was a busy day. First I had Zachary's Halloween party at Paradise Point, where he goes to school in the mornings. All of the kids got to wear their costumes and they had a great time. Zachary dressed up as Darth Vader. Ms. Val provided a pinata for them and they each got a turn trying to knock it down. And boy, what a free for all it was when that candy fell!

Everyone got to color a Halloween picture and make a picture frame and they had some yummy goodies to eat.

Zachary's Halloween Party at JPS

After lunch, I went to Zachary's Pre-K class at Johnson Primary School to help out their Halloween Party. Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Mouton and Mrs. Munch did a great job planning fun activities for the kids. They had different centers where they would go and they played Halloween bingo, decorated cupcakes, dressed Mr. Pumpkinhead (like Mr. Potatohead but with a pumpkin instead), face painting (or arm painting for most of the kids) and more fun and games that I can't even think of. After everyone had been to all the different centers, they got to eat their cupcakes that they had decorated. It was a lot of fun.

Zachary getting a candy corn painted on his arm by Mrs. Munch

Zachary decorating his cupcake

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