Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field Trip to the Fire Station

Zachary's Pre-K class from JPS had a field trip to the Fire Station this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and the Fire Station was just down the road from our house so I decided to walk and Zachary rode his bike. He thought he was so big. But he was concerned a little at first about the fire truck running over his bike and I told him that we would make sure to park it in a safe place.

When we got there, we divided into 3 groups and the first thing that our group did was to go on a tour of the Fire Station. In a way, it was smaller than what I had pictured but then parts of it were bigger. The family room and kitchen were just one big room downstairs then upstairs were the bathrooms and individual "sleeping quarters". I had pictured them sleeping in one big room and I guess it was that way many years ago. The one thing that Zachary really wanted to see, the fire pole, he did not get to. I forgot what year, but at some point it became illegal for fire stations on federal property to have a fire pole that they slide down. Evidently someone fell at some point and I'm sure sued the government so they did away with it. The pole is not even there anymore - very disappointing. After the tour of the upstairs we went back downstairs where we saw their gym and then outside to the firetrucks. We got to see 2 different fire trucks and all the cool equipment they have on them. The firemen were so good with the kids, letting them hold different tools and nozzles.

Then we went back inside where one of the firefighters put on all his equipment for us to show us how it all worked and the kids got to take their picture with him. It was a fun and educational field trip. Thanks Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Mouton!

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