Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Night

Our friends and neighbors, Annette and Rob O'Day, invited us over to their house to spend Halloween. They fixed a yummy casserole which Annette actually baked in a pumpkin, mummy dogs and all kinds of munchies! After we all ate, the husbands took all of the kids trick-or-treating while Annette, Beth Ann and I stayed at Annette's house and passed out candy. Annette and Beth Ann always dress up for Halloween and I was not going to but I felt like a party pooper so I went home and dressed up as Snow White. Zachary was Darth Vader, Grace was a cowgirl and Dave wore his pirate hat. It actually turned really cold tonight and Dave and Zach ended up coming back pretty early but Grace stayed out with the big kids and lasted as long as they did. She had a blast!
Grace and Zachary with Ellis and Olivia O'Day and Olivia's friends
David & Beth Ann, Ellis, Rob, Annette, Grace & me
The O'Day's

Our neighbor, Pat Simon, as Elvis so I had to get my picture made with him!

Grace's Expert Nocturnal Presentation

Grace has been studying nocturnal animals in her class and each child had to pick a nocturnal animal to research, make a model of and write a report on. Grace chose the koala bear. She did most of her research at school. We made the koala bear out of craft wire and felt and it turned out really cute! Grace even sewed it together. I would get the needle and thread started for her and start the stitches and then she would finish it. She did a great job!

Grace giving her report to my friend, Wendi.

Here is her report which she also typed by herself. I just cleaned it up a little bit after she was done.

Grace Williams

The koala is up to 2-3 feet long.

Koalas live in eucalyptus trees in Australia.

They spend most of their time high up in tall trees.

They come from their mother’s body.

Koalas are mammals.

Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves. Koalas are herbivores.

Their fur protects them from cold weather and rain.

Koalas do not have any enemies because they spend all of their time high up
in the trees eating and sleeping.

The koalas have sharp claws to climb trees without falling.

Koalas weigh up to 10-30 pounds and have a lifespan of 13-18 years.

Halloween Day

Zachary's Paradise Point Halloween Party

Today was a busy day. First I had Zachary's Halloween party at Paradise Point, where he goes to school in the mornings. All of the kids got to wear their costumes and they had a great time. Zachary dressed up as Darth Vader. Ms. Val provided a pinata for them and they each got a turn trying to knock it down. And boy, what a free for all it was when that candy fell!

Everyone got to color a Halloween picture and make a picture frame and they had some yummy goodies to eat.

Zachary's Halloween Party at JPS

After lunch, I went to Zachary's Pre-K class at Johnson Primary School to help out their Halloween Party. Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Mouton and Mrs. Munch did a great job planning fun activities for the kids. They had different centers where they would go and they played Halloween bingo, decorated cupcakes, dressed Mr. Pumpkinhead (like Mr. Potatohead but with a pumpkin instead), face painting (or arm painting for most of the kids) and more fun and games that I can't even think of. After everyone had been to all the different centers, they got to eat their cupcakes that they had decorated. It was a lot of fun.

Zachary getting a candy corn painted on his arm by Mrs. Munch

Zachary decorating his cupcake

Monday, October 27, 2008

The McCain campaign won't stand for Barack Obama's socialist tax plan -- most of the time.

Joe Scarborough gives reasons why John McCain won't win this election

OWC Book Club

I joined a book club through the OWC. I've always wanted to be a part of a book club but never have been which is kind of odd since I love to read. I joined a little late and was not able to finish the first book which was The Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber. They met last Thursday to discuss the book and I was not able to go to the discussion because I have been sick with "the crud" for about a week and a half now. The next book we are reading is Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. I haven't started it yet because I just finished Twilight and immediately had to start New Moon but I will definitely get this one finished before our next book discussion.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Field Trip to the Fire Station

Zachary's Pre-K class from JPS had a field trip to the Fire Station this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and the Fire Station was just down the road from our house so I decided to walk and Zachary rode his bike. He thought he was so big. But he was concerned a little at first about the fire truck running over his bike and I told him that we would make sure to park it in a safe place.

When we got there, we divided into 3 groups and the first thing that our group did was to go on a tour of the Fire Station. In a way, it was smaller than what I had pictured but then parts of it were bigger. The family room and kitchen were just one big room downstairs then upstairs were the bathrooms and individual "sleeping quarters". I had pictured them sleeping in one big room and I guess it was that way many years ago. The one thing that Zachary really wanted to see, the fire pole, he did not get to. I forgot what year, but at some point it became illegal for fire stations on federal property to have a fire pole that they slide down. Evidently someone fell at some point and I'm sure sued the government so they did away with it. The pole is not even there anymore - very disappointing. After the tour of the upstairs we went back downstairs where we saw their gym and then outside to the firetrucks. We got to see 2 different fire trucks and all the cool equipment they have on them. The firemen were so good with the kids, letting them hold different tools and nozzles.

Then we went back inside where one of the firefighters put on all his equipment for us to show us how it all worked and the kids got to take their picture with him. It was a fun and educational field trip. Thanks Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Mouton!

Friday, October 17, 2008

JPS Fall Festival

Whew! Today has been a busy day. No, this has been a busy week. Tonight was the Fall Festival and Silent Auction at Johnson Primary School. All of the PTA and volunteers worked so hard to make it a success. And even though we had to make a last minute decision to move it indoors because of rain, the evening was a success even among the chaos. I was at the school pretty much all day and Dave brought Grace and Zachary around 5 pm when it started. I was running around busy helping with things and didn't get to take them around to all of the games and booths but I did take a break at one point to have dinner with them. I think everyone had fun though. Grace and Zachary both enjoyed the cotton candy and all the prizes they got from playing the games. I helped clean up afterwards and Zachary and Dave were crashed on the couch when Grace and I got home. I am completely exhausted and can't wait to crash also.

Oh yeah, today is Dave's birthday. I felt so bad - nachos and chili cheese dogs for his birthday! I asked him earlier in the week if we could just pretend that today was not the 17th and celebrate his birthday on Saturday or Sunday because I knew today was going to be such a hectic day. And that was fine with him.

Mike's Farm

Today, Zachary's 4 year old preschool class from Paradise Point Child Care Center went on a field trip to Mike's Farm. The kids loved seeing the old tractors and wagon and hay bales and of course, pumpkins! First we went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch where we each got to select the perfect pumpkin. Zachary was pretty picky and it took a little while for him to find just the right one. After the hayride we went into a barn where we saw a little music show with Earl the Cowboy. The kids all got to participate and it was a lot of fun. Next, we went to feed the goats and sheep which was Zachary's favorite part.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to Wilmington today for Dave's soccer game and we passed by a Methodist Church that had a gorgeous looking pumpkin patch. After the game, we stopped to let the kids pick out a pumpkin and of course, take some pictures. I didn't even have my camera with me but my iphone did the job just fine! We selected one big fabulous pumpkin and Grace and Zachary each got a mini pumpkin.