Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zachary's First Day of Pre-K at Paradise Point

This morning was Zachary's first day of Pre-K at Paradise Point. Dave is off of work for the Labor Day holiday so he was able to go with us to take Zachary to school. Zachary and Grace both wanted to sleep in this morning and I had to wake them up to get them ready When I woke up Zachary, I said "first day of school, first day of school" like in Finding Nemo. He was a little grumpy at first but then broke out into a smile. He must have been a little nervous though because he didn't want anything for breakfast and he always will eat a pop-tart if nothing else.

We actually got there a few minutes early but when it was time to go, we all got out and walked him up to the fence for him to meet his teacher. We kissed and hugged him bye and he walked right in and lined up against the fence like he was supposed to do.

We had to pick him up early today so that we could go to his Pre-K orientation at Johnson Primary School and meet his teacher there. He was not ready to leave when we got there to pick him up and got made that he had to go. I guess that is a good sign that he had a good first day of Pre-K!

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