Thursday, September 4, 2008

Zachary's First Day of Pre-K at JPS

Today was the big day. Zachary had his 3rd day of school at Paradise Point and he was supposed to take the bus over to Johnson for his first day of Pre-K over there. I got a call at about 11:30. There had been some miscommunication between Zachary's teacher, the school, and the parents. They didn't realize Zachary and another little boy were supposed to stay for lunch and then ride the bus over to Johnson and there was not going to be a bus available today. So, I went up to the school and just stayed with him while he ate his lunch and then took him to Johnson. In the car on the way there, he told me that he wanted to go home and that he didn't want to go to Grace's school. I talked to him and tried to explain how much fun he was going to have and that it was just going to be for a little while. When we pulled into the parking lot, he told me that he was not going to go to his Panda class. (Each class is on a team and Zachary's class is the Panda Team.) I pointed out his friend Robbie to him and we talked about taking some pictures. He finally agreed that he would get out and take some pictures. We got his backpack and walked down to where all the kids and parents were standing and Zachary immediately started talking and playing with Robbie. I was able to snap a few pictures and I thought all was going to be well. Then the teacher came out and Zachary asked me when were we going home. I told him that I would pick him up in a little while and he did not like that at all. He started saying rather loudly that he was not going to go in. By this time the teacher has all the kids lined up and they are proceeding in to the school. Zachary is still fighting me to not go in and saying he was not going to go. Part of me just wanted to pick him up and put him in the car and bring him back home. But I knew he would be fine if he would just go. Another teacher saw the trouble I was having and she took him inside the school. I immediately started crying but when I looked into the school, I could see Zachary walking down the hall with this nice lady and he already seemed fine.
I think if he had been able to ride the bus to the school like we had planned, he would have been fine. But once he got in the car with me, he just wanted to go home. I pick both Grace and Zachary up from school in an hour and am so anxious to find out how he did.

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