Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Los Angeles - Day 2

After a relaxing morning and a great cup of coffee from a little bookstore in Downtown Disney, Dave and I headed into Disneyland where we spent the day. Our first impression was that again it was not very crowded and it looked allot like Disney World until we noticed the castle. Sleeping Beauty's castle is so much smaller than Cinderella's castle. Here is a picture of the castle.

We decided to go ahead and get some lunch so we stopped at the Carnation Cafe and had lunch and took in the sights of Main Street from their courtyard.

After lunch, we went to see Disneyland The First 50 Magical Years then in to Adventureland where we went to Tarzan's Treehouse. I got scared to death by Sabor the Leopard when he roared unexpectedly.

Afterwards we went on the Jungle Cruise and rode the Indiana Jones Adventure which was really fun and something new to us. One really neat thing we did was Innoventions in Tomorrowland. They had an Innoventions Dream Home where everything was digital and it was amazing! We also both rode segways in Tomorrowland. This was something we had wanted to do at Disney World but were never able to because of the kids. It was really fun! I had a hard time staying still - kept wanting to go backwards but once I got moving it was easy.
Mickey's Toontown was awesome! So much better than at Disney World. It was larger than life and so interactive. This was one of the times that we were wishing the kids were with us because they would have had an absolute blast!

We ended the day at Disneyland by watching the Parade of Dreams on Main Street.

Above the Firehouse is where Walt Disney built an apartment for

himself when he first built Disneyland.

When we left Disneyland, we went to dinner at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen where we were expecting to have an authentic New Orleans meal. Dave and I both were so disappointed when we sat down and looked at the menu. There was not one traditional New Orleans style dish on the menu. We were both looking forward to a good bowl of seafood gumbo and shrimp or crawfish etouffee. They did have gumbo but it was no seafood gumbo and no etouffee of any kind. They only "traditional" entree they had was jambalaya but they had given it a California flair and made it pasta jambalaya. That's not jambalaya! The atmosphere was great, the service was good and even the food was good; it was just not what we were expecting and were therefore disappointed.

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