Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jill and Dave's Trip to Los Angeles

Dave and I had our first ever get-away without the kids this past week. We've been saying for forever that we needed to go away for the weekend sometime but just never got around to doing it. After we got home from our DC trip this summer, Dave and I both thought it would be fun to see the LA Galaxy play on their home turf. I got online to look at their schedule, we checked the price of plane tickets and we started planning our trip. Mom and Dad agreed to come out and watch Grace and Zachary. Daddy had been telling me that Dave and I should go away for the weekend and let them keep the kids. He informed me right before we left that he meant for us to go to New Bern or somewhere close by so that if the kids got upset or something, they could call us and we could come home. (I think he was serious and joking at the same time - grin!)

Mom and Dad got here late Monday night and Dave and I flew out of Jacksonville very early Wednesday morning. We changed planes in Charlotte and then on to LA. With the time change, we got in to LA around 11 am so we had the rest of the day together. We stayed at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim. We weren't able to check into our room when we got there so we headed over to Downtown Disney and to one of the parks. Our first impression of Disneyland was how much smaller and compact everything seemed to be compared to Disney World. Downtown Disney was not nearly as big nor was it crowded at all. We had a delicious lunch at Tortilla Joe's and had the restaurant almost completely to ourselves. After lunch we walked over to Disney's California Adventure Park where we rode Soarin' Over California, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, had a hands-on lesson from a Disney artist at Animation Academy, saw It's Tough to Be a Bug and took a nice break at the Terrace Wine Tasting where we sampled some of California's red and white wines.

After all of that, we headed back to our hotel and checked in and rested for a bit before going to dinner at Catal Restaurant at Downtown Disney. Even though we were tired, it was a great first day in California.

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