Monday, September 15, 2008

Grace and Zachary Riding the Bus!

Dave and I are planning our trip to Los Angeles and my parents are coming to keep Grace and Zachary for us. I thought it might be a little easier on them if Grace and Zachary rode the bus to school so we started it today. Grace rode it this morning, then I took Zachary to Paradise Point, then they both rode it home. Grace was nervous at first but she knew most of the kids when we got to the bus stop and one of her friends, Olivia Russell, saw that Grace was nervous and she just took her by the hand and held her hand as they got on the bus. It was so sweet! Melissa, you have got a very sweet daughter there. I didn't take my camera this morning but I got a picture of them when they got off the bus this afternoon and they both loved it! Ms. Tate, the bus driver, said that Zachary almost fell asleep but they both thought riding the bus was "awesome!"

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