Saturday, September 27, 2008

Young Chefs' Academy

Grace's Girl Scout troop went to New Bern today to the Young Chefs' Academy where they got to make cheesy breadsticks. The girls did a great job measuring, mixing, kneading and shaping their breadsticks and had a great time!

Grace and Reagan

Reagan, Grace and Kristian

Learning how to measure

At first, Grace was going to make a big smiley breadstick

But changed her mind and made a pretzel instead

The finall creation


Brownie Troop 3383

Paradise Point Fall 2008

Too Cute

Zachary had told us that he wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween so we brought him home a Darth Vader costume for Disney. He loves it and wants to wear it all of the time. Hopefully, it will make it to Halloween. We thought this was too funny though - Darth Vader drinking milk out of a sippy cup. Just couldn't resist the opportunity to take pictures!

Grace wearing a mask that she and I made together.

Home Sweet Home

Dave and I flew back on the red-eye Sunday night and got back home to Jacksonville on Monday morning. The kids were already at school when we got home, which was a good thing because we were exhausted. Mom and Dad caught us up on everything that they did while we were gone, we said our goodbye's, they left and Dave and I went to bed.

We were so happy to see both Grace and Zachary when they got off the bus that afternoon. Of course one of the first things out of their mouths were what did we bring them? So we headed home and gave them their happies from LA.

It was good to go away but it was great to come back home.

Friday, September 26, 2008

LA Galaxy Soccer Game

Today was the big day, LA Galaxy vs. DC United. The game started at 8:00 pm but because we had tickets on the field, we were given a pass to go to "The Underground" which was a lounge area in the tunnel for food and drinks. We headed to the Home Depot Center early enough so that we could go to the Galaxy store before going into the stadium. Around 6:30 we made our way down to the field where we had director chair seats right on the pitch then into The Underground. The team walked right by us on their way out to the field to warm up.

The Underground
David Beckham after warming up
Dave with a Clone Trooper who was at the game to promote the new Clone Wars show.

Landon Donovan going for a goal
Rolling with Rogo, Mark Rogondino, from Fox Sports interviewing
Landon Donovan during half-time

Dave with Rogo

Becks taking a corner kick

The Galaxy won 5-2!

After the game, we went back into the tunnel to see if we would be able to meet any of the team. Several did come out and we were able to meet them and get their autographs.

Joe Franchino

Greg Vanney
Alan Gordon
There is a story behind this crazy grin. I was trying to take a picture of him
actually looking and smiling at me and my flash wouldn't recharge.
I kept telling him to hold on and about the time he gave me this silly grin, I took the picture.

Ante Jazic had a great game that night!
Josh Wicks

Los Angeles - Day 4

We spent the day at Disney's California Adventure having a blast riding the new Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, California Screamin' and lots of other rides.