Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just One of My Pet Peeves

Okay, this is just one of my pet peeves. Why do companies make appointments, give you a between this time and that time (which is usually a 4 hour span) and then not get there during that time?

We had an appointment with DirectTV on Monday. When I scheduled it, the man told me it was for 4:00 pm but come to find out it was for anytime between 4-8 pm. The guy came at about 8:30. Obviously he couldn't do the job he needed to do because it was dark out and he would have been in our bedroom till midnight. So he resheduled us the next day for between 4-8 although he said he would come to us first. I thought that meant he would be here at 4:00. Do you know what time he got here? 5:45 and was here till almost 9. Do these guys not have lives?

This morning I am supposed to have a new washing machine and dryer delivered from Best Buy. They called last night to say it would be between 9:30 and 11:30 am. It is now 11:52 and they are still not here. To say I'm excited about getting this washing machine and dryer is an understatement. I have been dealing with a washing machine that will not stay balanced for a couple of years now but it is so bad now that you think it is going to bounce its way right down the stairs. The dryer works when it wants to. Haven't figured it out yet. Sometimes it dries, sometimes it doesn't.


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