Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Great Olympic Relay

Okay, it's midnight and I'm still awake. Partly because Dave isn't home; he left this evening to go to Myrtle Beach for a conference and I never sleep as well when he's gone. I've been sitting in bed watching the Olympics - gymnastics and swimming - and I'm so glad that I'm still awake. I just saw the most amazing relay. It was the 400 meter freestyle relay and earlier, Alain Bernard said his French relay team would take down Michael Phelps and the Americans. But instead, Jason Lezak, the oldest man on the U.S. swimming team pulled off one of the great comebacks in Olympic history, lunging to the wall just ahead of France's Alain Bernard in a race so fast it actually erased two world records. Wow! The 32-year-old Lezak was nearly a body length behind Bernard as they made the final turn, but the American hugged the lane rope, drafting off the Frenchman and stunningly overtaking him on the very last stroke. Watching on deck, Michael Phelps let out a resounding "Yeaaaaaah!" and thrust both arms toward the roof of the Water Cube.

While Michael Phelps and his team mates whooped it up on deck, Bernard clung to the wall, his head down. It was reported that the swimmer who had talked confidently of beating the Americans was the last one to leave the pool.

It was definitely a sight to see.

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