Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Morning

I've been meaning to get on my blog and update it from our trip to AL but just haven't been able to find the time to do it since we've been back. Now, it's 7:15 a.m. on Friday morning and here I am. I will go back and update it a little later, hopefully today.

I know most people are up and about if not already at work at 7:15 a.m. but me being up at this time is a big deal. Since summer began, the kids and I have gradually slept in later and later. Then while we were in AL we would stay up later and therefore wake up later so it's gotten to be a really bad habit. Dave loves for me to get up with him to have a cup of coffee or something before he goes to work but it's just been so hard lately! But yesterday morning I did it and again this morning. I actually love the way I feel after I get up and get the day started; it's just the first few minutes that I hate. Anyway, this morning I got up and we had a cup of coffee together while watching Morning Joe on MSNBC. Do any of you watch that? Joe is from Pensacola, FL so we have always found it kind of interesting or "neat" that he was an attorney in town when we lived there and now has his own show on MSNBC. When I first got up this morning, I thought that I would probably go back to bed after Dave left but once I was awake, I didn't see the point. I guess I need to start getting in the habit anyway, because school will be starting before we know it and we will all have to start getting up earlier.

So, that's my blog this morning. I think this is going to be a good day. At least it feels that way right now. Good morning!

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Ann DeCapite said...

Hey Jill,

I was going through my email and found the link to your blog. I CANNOT believe how big the kids have gotten. Braden turns 5 this year and Cason turns is unbelievable how quickly the time goes by. Joe has been gone since Jan and was due to come home on the 10th, but is now coming home sometime today. It was originally supposed to be 1:30am this morning, but they got pushed back 24 hours. Go figure....

Anyway, I would love to catch up with you sometime. I was in Orlando last week at the debut of Carol Anderson's Fall collection and roomed with Michelle Sandlin. She said that she knew you...what a great girl!!!

Once Joe gets home, I know he would like to catch up with Dave, as well. And, I am not sure if you have even met Cason yet. I will have to fill you in on the last couple of years. Hopefully, things will begin to "coast" for a while.

I look forward to hearing from you!