Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Last 4 Days

Rather than go back and do separate posts for the last few days, I've decided to just combine it into one. I'm going to start with Thursday. The kids both had swimming lessons Thursday morning and we had decided to stay at the pool for a couple of hours after swim lessons. So, we packed a lunch and played in the pool for awhile. Zachary was wearing floaties on his arms and one kept losing air so he decided that he wanted to take them off. Then he decided he wanted to push off from the wall and come to me. Before I knew it, he was pushing off from the wall, putting his head and face in the water and kicking his legs and swimming to me. I was amazed! That morning he wouldn't even put his face in the water for swim lessons and here he was swimming! He wanted to do it over and over again. Needless to say, we stayed at the pool for more than a couple of hours. I was so proud of him!

Nana and Paw arrived at our house Thursday night and they went with us to swim lessons on Friday morning. Grace did great as always and received her card for passing Level 4. I told Zachary's instructor about what he had done the day before and I'm sure she thought I was a crazy mom that thought her child could do more than he really could. Then it was time for his lesson and I couldn't wait for him to show them what he had learned. And he wouldn't do it. He wouldn't push off and let go of the wall. He wouldn't put his face in the water. He wouldn't do anything that he had done for me the day before. I was tempted to get in the pool clothes and all just to see if he would do it again. Finally, after the class was over, Zachary got back in the water and it was just him and the instructor and he did it. It wasn't quite as impressive as it was the day before but at least he showed them that I wasn't crazy after all. I was hoping to take him back to the pool Friday evening but it ended up raining so we weren't able to go.

We are now in Alabama at Nana and Paw's house (my parents). We left yesterday and Dave stayed at home and he is going to come for the weekend in 2 weeks and pick us up. We went to church this morning and my sister and her family met us there and we all went out to lunch after church then back to my parents house. Grace and Zachary were so excited to see their cousins, Hannah and Allie, and they played hard all afternoon. Hannah gave Grace and Allie makeovers and they looked beautiful. Then Allie and Grace put makeup on Hannah and they actually did a great job and Hannah looked really pretty too. Mom, Dad, Kerry, Mark and I played domino's all afternoon. They have been playing train domino's for awhile now and I had never played so they taught me and I actually won the game. It was allot of fun!

Hannah giving Allie a makeover

Hannah giving Grace a makeover

The finished product. Don't they look beautiful?

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Andrea Mangino Kring said...

OMGosh! I just learned to play Mexican Train Dominoes last weekend! We went down to visit my sis, Rita, at her lake house and she didn't have a TV hookup yet. So we had to play games. I had never played either but fell in love with train dominoes. We went to Target when we got back to Nashville and bought a set! Too funny! :oP