Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fashion Show

My niece, Hannah, is very talented. She's a great artist, excellent writer, and now she can say she is a fashion designer. Yesterday she created dresses for her, Allie and Grace. She took material that Kerry had bought her and cut it, wrapped it, draped it, pinned it and created these dresses. When Grace first came down the stairs and showed us, we were amazed! I couldn't believe that Hannah had made it. Then Allie came down to show us hers and it was adorable too! Last but not least, Hannah made one for herself and it too was very pretty. I started calling her designs HC Originals or HCO (Hannah Claire Originals) and she liked the name. Who knows? Maybe one day we will all be shopping and see HC Originals hanging on the racks in stores. She is definitely talented. I told her that she needs a sewing machine so she can actually start making things. So Kerry, I apologize in advance if she starts bugging you for a sewing machine.

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The Murray's said...

Their dresses turned out soo good. I love it!