Thursday, July 17, 2008

At The Park

Allie had an art class at the Museum of Art in Huntsville this morning so we all went and sat in the park while she was at her class. Kerry said that it was nice and shady and you could feel a nice breeze so it wasn't too hot. Well, when we got there it was more crowded than usual evidently. There must have been something else going on nearby because it was hard to find a parking place and the park was more crowded she said. We finally found a bench in the shade but there was no breeze and then we lost our bench when we were up taking pictures.

Hannah, Grace and Zachary had fun feeding the ducks and of course Zachary had fun chasing them. There were some very unusual looking ducks that Hannah and Allie named Chucks because they looked like both a duck and a chicken. It was especially fun for Zach to chase those for some reason.

After we made pictures, we were on a mission to find a bench in the shade again. Every one we would see, someone would beat us to it. Finally we spotted one so Kerry and I began to do a fast walk and then practically ran to it to get it before someone else did. We both got tickled because it reminded us of something you would have seen on Seinfeld. We could just picture Elaine running through a park to beat someone to a bench and maybe even shoving them out of the way to get it. Anyway, we had a good laugh.

But I guess the icing on the cake was when my Mom got pooped on by a bird. Of all people for it to happen to, it had to be her. She doesn't like the outside anyway, especially the heat. So, here she is in a park, hot as heck and she gets pooped on. Luckily it was on her arm and didn't get on her shirt or something even worse, like in her hair. It was kind of funny though. Sorry Mom! (Hee hee).

After Allie got finished with her class, we went back to Madison and Paw met us for lunch at a fantastic little restaurant in downtown Madison called Main Street Cafe. It is located in what was once the jail and there are even bars on some of the windows. The atmosphere was great and the food was fantastic. I highly recommend it. After lunch we went over to Bridgestreet, an outdoor shopping area, and went to see Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. It was a very good movie and we all really enjoyed it.

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