Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last Day in Alabama

Well, we go home tomorrow. Dave arrived yesterday afternoon while we were at the movie seeing "Space Chimps". Today we went over to Madison and spent the afternoon with Kerry and her family. Dave and Mark went to see the new Batman movie which they loved. Kerry and I went shopping in this neat little shop around the corner from her house called The Pink Zebra - cute stuff - while Nana and Paw kept all the kids at home. Then we went to eat at Cheeburger Cheeburger. It was a nice evening so we sat outside. Of course, Zachary was intrigued by the fountain and I told him that he could just dip his hand in it but not in the spray. He said, "okay Momma". Next thing I knew his hand was in the spray and water was going everywhere. He loved that. I didn't.

I finally got him away long enough to eat and then he was back at the fountain. Although he did love their onion rings!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Tennessee Aquarium

My parents, Kerry, Hannah, Allie, Grace, Zachary and I drove to Chattanooga, TN to go to the TN Aquarium and it was awesome. The kids had a blast. I think all of our favorite exhibit were the penguins and boy, did they put on a show! It's like they new they were being watched and they dove and swam back and forth, faster and faster. It was great. Here are several pictures from they day.

After an afternoon at the aquarium, we walked over to The Big River Grille and had a delicious dinner before heading home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cooking with Nana

My Mom is a wonderful cook. She really always has been. This is not something that I have inherited from her. You can ask Dave. He can vouch for that. I think maybe one of the reasons that I'm not as good as a cook as she is because anytime I have ever watched her cook, she just does it without using a recipe. She seems to cook better when she doesn't use a recipe. I just don't get that. I have to have a recipe.

Anyway, my Mom has learned how to bake the most delicious bread pudding. I'm not sure if she uses a recipe or not. If not, I just hope she will write it down as she is baking it so I might have the hopes of being able to make it one day. If you have ever eaten at Norma's in Pensacola, you know that they have the best bread pudding that you have ever had. I never thought that I would have any that was any better. But let me tell you, my Mom can make bread pudding that is just as good if not better than Norma's. It is absolutely delicious. And to think that Grace helped her make it,!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Tooth Lost

Grace had another front tooth that was loose and she tried pulling it while we were at Panera Bread yesterday afternoon. She just couldn't do it so I told her to not worry about it. Then when she was eating her brownie, it just fell out. I guess it was ready after all.
This was our last day of keeping Allie and Hannah for Kerry and Mark. They are returning from their weekend getaway today. We took the kids out for a little while and then to lunch at Jason's Deli where they enjoyed some yummy ice cream after an even yummier lunch. We had a Jason's Deli in Hampton when we lived there and we never ate there. I had no idea that it was as good as it was. After we ate there, I was kicking myself that we didn't take advantage of it while we were there.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zachary's New Friend

My sister and her family have the cutest little dog named Rudy. He's a shih-tzu and he's so funny and has the cutest personality. He and Zachary got to be big buddies while we visited and Rudy was often Zachary's playmate when the girls were off doing "girl stuff".

Fashion Show

My niece, Hannah, is very talented. She's a great artist, excellent writer, and now she can say she is a fashion designer. Yesterday she created dresses for her, Allie and Grace. She took material that Kerry had bought her and cut it, wrapped it, draped it, pinned it and created these dresses. When Grace first came down the stairs and showed us, we were amazed! I couldn't believe that Hannah had made it. Then Allie came down to show us hers and it was adorable too! Last but not least, Hannah made one for herself and it too was very pretty. I started calling her designs HC Originals or HCO (Hannah Claire Originals) and she liked the name. Who knows? Maybe one day we will all be shopping and see HC Originals hanging on the racks in stores. She is definitely talented. I told her that she needs a sewing machine so she can actually start making things. So Kerry, I apologize in advance if she starts bugging you for a sewing machine.