Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zachary's Birthday Party

The Birthday Boy

We celebrated Zachary's birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese with about 14 of his friends. He was a little overwhelmed at first and not exactly sure what to do at times but he still had fun. Most all of the preschoolers from his class came and then a few of the neighborhood kids came as well. We played games, ate pizza, saw Chuck E., had birthday cake and played more games. We decided to bring all of his presents home to open because it was just too crazy there. He got so many presents that it looked like Christmas in our living room. He has had so much fun playing with all of his new toys and tonight when we crawled into bed to sing lullabies, he told me that he had a great birthday. And that makes it all worthwhile.

Grace & Zachary dancing in front of the camera

Zachary and Grace before the party started

Zachary got all shy when Chuck E. came out so his friend, Jake, made him go up to him so we could get at least one picture.

Zachary got to open up his presents after we got home

from the party and he got some great gifts!

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