Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Last Day in the City

Today is all about the LA Galaxy vs. DC United soccer game. After all, that is why we came to DC in the first place. We checked out of our hotel this morning and decided to stop for breakfast somewhere in route to RFK Stadium. We found a wonderful little neighborhood bagel shop and bakery where we sat outside and enjoyed the best bagel breakfast sandwiches. They were yummy! Then we went to the stadium. We got there right before they opened the gates to let everyone in. The first thing we did was head down to where Volkswagen (DC United's sponsor) had a bunch of things set up and were giving away t-shirts and that sort of thing. They had face painting for the kids and little Volkswagens that they could drive. Grace and Zachary loved that! While we were down there, the teams came out and practiced. We were right on the sidelines of the field and had a great view of them practicing. It was so cool!

Grace & Zachary driving their Volkswagens!

David Beckham practicing

Goalkeepers, Vito Higgins & Steve Cronin, practicing

Steve Cronin

David Beckham

After we watched them practice for a little while, we made the rather long climb up, up, up to our seats. We knew our seats were high up but we had no idea how high until we got up there and we were only 2 rows from the very top. The good thing about that though was that we were in the shade.

Zach and Grace before the game started

LA Galaxy team picture

The game started and it was a blast! The Galaxy lost 4-1 but it was still great fun. Just being there seeing it live made it so much more exciting. The fans at soccer games are really lively and that was allot of fun seeing - all the chants and the drums beating and flags waiving - it was all so fun! We got us all Jersey's to support the Galaxy but I think Grace and Zachary's favorite thing about the entire game was the cotton candy. They were completely happy once they got that.

I just thought this was really neat. Every so often the fans across from us would unroll this huge DC United flag in the shape of their jersey. Dave said allot of clubs do this but I just thought it was really neat looking.
David Beckham in the game.

Shaking hands after the game was over.

David Beckham

Grace, Dave and Zachary showing support for the Galaxy!

After the game, we got in the car and made the drive back to North Carolina.

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