Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Our Way to DC

We left North Carolina about 3:00 this afternoon on our way to DC. We were planning on stopping in Fredricksburg tonight to spend the night but decided to stop in Ashland, VA instead. I didn't even realize there was an Ashland, VA. The kids were great on the way up and both even took a nice long nap. Then they watched "Winn Dixie" which is such a great movie. If you have never seen it, I definitely recommend it. The movie ends with them all singing a song in which they say something like "I feel better now that I've laid my burdens down" and as I was listening to the movie as I was driving, I thought to myself how true that is. So often we try to control everything and do everything by ourselves when we just need to lay our burdens down and give it over to God and he will provide and take care of us.

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Name: The Bryant Family said...

Librarian spiel alert. :-) BECAUS OF WINN DIXIE is an even better book. It was a Newbery Honor Book in 2001. You and Grace should read it out loud together. :-) The author, Kate DiCamillo, has another good book called THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX that was the Newbery winner in 2004.


Winn Dixie