Saturday, June 28, 2008

2nd Day in the City

We started the day kind of slowly today and slept in and just took our time getting ready and out the door. The first place we went was across the street to Starbucks to get my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte and Dave's Mocha.
As we were sitting there sipping our coffee, we kept seeing these double decker sightseeing buses and the kids were just dying to go on one. So, we walked around the corner where we inquired about them and purchased our tickets. They are actually really neat. You buy one ticket which is good for 2 days and you get on the bus and it goes on a 2 hour tour of the city. You can stay on the bus for the entire tour or get off at any of the stops you want and get back on. We got on at Dupont Circle and saw the National Cathedral, which was absolutely beautiful.
On top of the double decker bus
The National Cathedral
Then we drove through Embassy Row and it was so neat seeing all the different flags and some of the Embassy's were just amazing. Next we went through Georgetown and then on to the Lincoln Memorial, where we got off the bus. We walked up to the Lincoln Memorial and Dave gave the kids a mini history lesson.
The Lincoln Memorial
Grace, Zachary and Dave in front of the steps going up to the Lincoln Memorial
View of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial
After we left the Lincoln Memorial we stopped and got some lunch then went to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the WWII Memorial. This was my first time to see the WWII Memorial and it was so nicely done. We all took a break and cooled off at the fountain.
Cooling off with some Italian Ice
Dave and Zachary walking by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
WWII Memorial
Zachary and Grace cooling off in the fountain
Then we walked around the Washington Monument on our way to get on the bus.
The kids were exhausted by this point and Zachary actually fell asleep so we just stayed on the bus and saw The Smithsonian, National Air & Space Museum, a great view of the Capitol and the Washington Monument, National Gallery of Art, Union Station, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Grant Memorial, National Museum of American History, National Archives, National Gallery of Art, China Town, Ford's Theatre, the Peterson House, The White House, Mayflower Hotel and then back to Dupont Circle where we got off the bus and went back to our hotel. One of my favorite things about DC is the beautiful building architecture.
U.S. Capitol

Union Station

National Archives
Ford's Theatre

Peterson House

View of Old Post Office from Pennsylvania Avenue

The White House

We were all hot, tired and hungry so we showered and went to dinner at the Dupont Grill there at our hotel and then called it a night.

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