Saturday, May 17, 2008

Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu....Yuck!

Okay, first of all let me start this by saying that right now I'm missing my daughter's ballet recital. Grace has been taking ballet since the first of the year and today is her recital and I'm home with Zachary who is sick. But let me go back a little. Last week I woke up on Thursday morning feeling fine and then "it" hit me like a ton of bricks. I got so sick so fast that I wasn't even able to take the kids to school. Dave was at a conference in Texas and I was sick with what I thought was a violent case of food poisoning. I was so sick that I contemplated having a neighbor take me to the emergency room but then I would just crawl back in the bed.

On Friday I was a little better and could actually eat something on Friday night. But it was Tuesday before I felt like a normal human being again. Then during the night last Friday night, Grace got sick. She was sick Friday night and on Saturday and then she started feeling better but still didn't get her appetite back for a few days.

Everyone was fine all week long and then yesterday, Zachary fell asleep when I went and picked up Grace from school. When he woke up, he complained of his tummy and head hurting. We had Grace's dress rehearsal last night in Swansboro and Zachary moaned and groaned all the way. He felt like he had a fever and would just cry and moan during the rehearsal. I finally brought him to the car where he fell asleep and I went back and forth between the car and Grace's rehearsal. He slept on the way home and as soon as we pulled in the driveway and I unbuckled him, he put his hand over his mouth and I asked him, "are you going to throw up?" and he nodded his head so I picked him up and stood him in the grass where he got sick. It could not have been more perfect timing.

He got sick again last night and then this morning we thought he was some better although we could tell he was still not feeling well. We were out on the screened in porch this morning just enjoying the gorgeous morning and drinking our coffee when he got sick again. So, we knew then that I needed to stay home with him.

So, Dave and Grace have gone to her recital with strict instructions to take lots of pictures. I'm just glad that he was home and able to go.

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