Monday, May 19, 2008

A Day at the Farm - Cove City, NC

Grace on the bus with a few of her friends

On Thursday I went with Grace and her class to Cove City, NC to "a day at the farm" and we had so much fun. I had no idea where Cove City was when we started out, had never even heard of it. It's actually only about an hour away and there is this little farm there that is open for tours, groups and schools. It is run by two sisters who actually grew up there. Before their father passed away it was a dairy farm. Now they only have a couple of cows, one calf, pigs, several goats and sheep, a horse, a bunny rabbit, chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, peacocks and a small fish pond.
The kids got to make butter from cream and then eat it, feed the animals, tour the old dairy barn, go on a hayride and then end the day with an ice cream cone from their little ice cream parlor.

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