Monday, May 19, 2008

Daisy Wayne Day

Grace participated in her Girl Scouts Daisy Wayne Day yesterday. They told us that the girls were going to get dirty but I had no idea they would be as dirty and muddy as they were. We dropped the girls off at 12:45 and got them signed in and then the parents left. The girls had to do an obstacle course which is where they got so muddy and they had a water fun fight and got to eat "yummy" MRE's. Then at 3:30 they had the Bridge Ceremony for parents and the girls moved up to the next level of Girl Scouts so Grace is officially a Brownie now! She had a blast and I've had fun trying to get all the mud out of her clothes. Just kidding. I really did strip her down on the front porch though and send her straight to the shower!

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