Friday, April 11, 2008

Dinosaur Project

Well, I've already posted about how amazed I am at what all they do at Grace's school. She came home this past Monday with a note saying that they were studying and researching dinosaurs in class. They each had to choose a dinosaur to research and Grace chose the Ankylosaurus. She would be writing a report about this dinosaur in class and she needed to create a model of it for her home project. I had never even heard of this kind of dinosaur before so it's a good thing that we've got this great dinosaur book. We looked in it and found out what the Ankylosaurus looks like. Zachary went to his dinosaur drawer and found a little Ankylosaurus also. On Wednesday Grace and I worked all afternoon creating her model. We used a Styrofoam cone and ball as his body and head and then molded clay all around him to give him his shape. Grace helped to flatten and spread the clay. The Ankylosaurus had an armored shell on his back so we broke off pine cones and stuck in the clay to make his shell. Grace rolled out and shaped the horns. We used straws for his legs and Grace rolled the clay around the straws and she also shaped his tail. Once we were finally finished, we were both very pleased with our creation. The project was due today so we took him in this morning. All the kids did an amazing job on their dinosaurs and no two looked alike. They will be presenting their dinosaurs with their report after Spring Break and parents will be invited to attend.

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canscrap4u2 said...

Love it! what a great idea to use the pine cone thingys for scales. I know there are an abundance of those things there...there used to be anyway!