Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our First Father Daughter Dance

Grace's Daisy Girl Scout troop joined all of the other Camp Lejeune Girl Scouts for the annual Father Daughter Dance on April 26th at the Staff NCO Club, MCAS New River. We shopped for a dress while my Mom was in town and we found the perfect dress for Grace. As soon as we saw it, we knew it was the one. On Saturday afternoon, I gave her a bath and we dried and straightened her hair and put on a tiny bit of blush and lipgloss. She was absolutely beautiful. Her Daddy looked pretty handsome too!

They went to the dance, which was more crowded than they thought it would be, and they ate, had pictures made, danced together and Grace danced with some of her little girlfriends. Then before I knew it, they called and were already on their way home.

I'm sure it was a special night that both Grace and her Daddy will remember for a long long time.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dinosaur Museum

Grace's class was turned into a Dinosaur Museum on Friday afternoon, April 25th. All of the kids did such a great job presenting the dinosaur that they had researched and made and they were all so proud as they should have been. Grace did a fantastic job presenting the Ankylosaurus and we couldn't have been more proud of her.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium

We ended the Spring Break week by taking Grace and Zachary to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium on Sunday afternoon. Even though it is "just right down the road" we had never been there before. We weren't even exactly sure where it was when we started out, then once we got there, we couldn't believe we had never been since it is as close as it is.

It reminded Dave and me of the aquarium in Virginia Beach and of course the kids had a blast. We saw lots of different kinds of fish, turtles, sharks and alligators.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Paw!

My Dad's (Paw) birthday was April 10th and he turned 65 years old. They are here visiting this week during Spring Break and Grace wanted me to fix him a birthday cake and she wanted to get a 6 and a 5 candle for it when she found out he had turned 65. So, on Sunday evening I baked a cake and we celebrated his birthday last night by going out to dinner at Texas Steakhouse then came back home for birthday cake.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Training Wheels

We decided that it was time for Grace to learn how to ride her bike without her training wheels. So, on Saturday Dave pumped up her tires with air, lowered the seat and we got in the alley behind our house and tried to teach her to ride her bike without training wheels. Note the key word here - "tried". I've decided that Grace definitely takes after me in her athletic prowess. She is not very athletic and is fearful of trying new things. Dave worked awhile with her but we didn't succeed in riding with no training wheels. I guess we will just have to try again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dinosaur Project

Well, I've already posted about how amazed I am at what all they do at Grace's school. She came home this past Monday with a note saying that they were studying and researching dinosaurs in class. They each had to choose a dinosaur to research and Grace chose the Ankylosaurus. She would be writing a report about this dinosaur in class and she needed to create a model of it for her home project. I had never even heard of this kind of dinosaur before so it's a good thing that we've got this great dinosaur book. We looked in it and found out what the Ankylosaurus looks like. Zachary went to his dinosaur drawer and found a little Ankylosaurus also. On Wednesday Grace and I worked all afternoon creating her model. We used a Styrofoam cone and ball as his body and head and then molded clay all around him to give him his shape. Grace helped to flatten and spread the clay. The Ankylosaurus had an armored shell on his back so we broke off pine cones and stuck in the clay to make his shell. Grace rolled out and shaped the horns. We used straws for his legs and Grace rolled the clay around the straws and she also shaped his tail. Once we were finally finished, we were both very pleased with our creation. The project was due today so we took him in this morning. All the kids did an amazing job on their dinosaurs and no two looked alike. They will be presenting their dinosaurs with their report after Spring Break and parents will be invited to attend.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grace, The Writer

I wrote earlier about how Grace loves to write stories and that she has written some really funny ones so I thought I would share a few.

The Dog Chased the Cat

Written and illustrated by Grace Williams

The dog is sleeping and the cat woke the dog up. So the dog chased the cat. The dog didn't catch the cat it took a long time. They are tired. The dog and the cat are starting again. Finally the dog caught the cat. the dog ate the cat. That is good said the dog. So the dog went back to sleep. The dog slept a long time. The dog never got up.
The end
The Dog is a Sleepy Head
Written and illustrated by Grace Williams
There is a sleepy dog in the dog house. The dog hasn't woke up. So the dog slept a long time. Still the dog is sleeping. The dog is very tired. Finally the doge woke up. Yeah. So the dog is playing. The dog is playing ball. The dog likes to play.
The end
The Dog Sat and Sat
Written and illustrated by Grace Williams
Once there was a dog that sat and sat. The dog never stood up. Still the dog is sitting and sitting. Finally the dog got up. So the dog is walking around. Now the dog went back to sleep.
The end

Zach Goes to Preschool

Zachary has been attending school at Paradise Point Child Care Center ever since we moved to Jacksonville, however, he has been in a "drop-in" class while we were on the waiting list for one of the preschool classes. An opening came available and Zachary started big boy preschool on April 1st. He was already familiar with his teacher, Ms. Ariel, and of course with the school so it was a very easy transition for him. He goes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 till noon and he loves it. When he got in the car after the first day, he said, "Mommy, I'm not a baby anymore; I'm a big kid". He has already made new friends and is learning so much.

I'm a bid kid now!

Monday, April 7, 2008

One Word

I saw this on Kelly's blog also, even though she didn't personally "tag" me, I thought I'd chime in. ---you can only use ONE word!

Where is your cell phone? downstairs

Your significant other? asleep

Your hair? short

Your mother? awesome

Your father? hilarious

Your favorite thing? iPhone

Your dream last night? didn't

Your favorite drink? tea

Your dream/goal? CMT

The room you’re in? bedroom

Your ex? who?

Your fear? spiders

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Virginia

Where were you last night? home

What you’re not? sleepy

Muffins? Scones

One of your wish list items? Dyson

Where you grew up? South

The last thing you did? lullaby's

What are you wearing? Jammies

Your TV? off

Your pets? None

Your computer? Lap

Your life? Good

Your mood? Calm

Missing someone? No

Your Car? Dirty

Something you’re not wearing? Jewelry

Favorite Store? Target

Your summer? Graceland

Like someone? yep

Your favorite color? Pink

When is the last time you laughed? today

Last time you cried? Friday

Who will re-post this? none

The Prayers of Innocent Children

Over the past couple of months, I've started doing something new with Grace and Zachary at bedtime. Ever since Dave has been home, he has been reading the bedtime story to them and when he is finished I go in and lay with them and sing lullaby's. But before I sing, we have been saying our prayers. It is so sweet to hear to hear these little voices with their eyes closed and their hands folded together, saying "Dear God, thank you for..." There is always a wide range of things that they thank God for but they always thank God for their Mom, Dad and either their brother or sister. Here lately they have even gotten to where they are thanking God for friends and calling them by name. Some nights I am so tired that I just want to go right in to lullaby's but one of them, and it's usually Zachary, will always say, "Mom, we have to say our prayers". And how can I say no to that?