Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ok, call us crazy but the first day we are back home from Disney World we go to Sam's Club and buy a playset for the kids. We had shopped around for them before our Disney trip and had decided to get the one at Sam's. It looked really nice and seemed like you got the most for your money. So, on Sunday afternoon, we loaded up the kids and took both the Grand Cherokee and the Tahoe to Sam's to purchase the playset. The playset came in 5 boxes plus the slide. We were only able to get one box in Dave's car and one box and the slide in the Tahoe. We were a site to see. Our neighbor took pity on us when we got home and he saw me trying to help Dave unload it, so he came over and helped Dave and also loaned us his truck to go and pick up the remaining pieces.

Dave was on leave all of that week and had big plans of enjoying the week and getting a couple of rounds of golf in. The diections in the playset said that it took 2 moderately skilled people 20-24 hours to build the playset. We started working on it on Monday morning and worked all day long till about 6:45 that night. We hit it again on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. After 3 very FULL days of working on it, it was still not complete. Dave thought he would get it finished in a couple of hours on Thursday morning but ended up running into a couple of snags which slowed him down. Apparently we are not "moderately skilled people".

To make a very long story short, we worked all week long on building the playset. Dave did not get to even play one game of golf. And when we got down to the very last step, we did not have the screws that were needed as the "moderately skilled" people who packed the hardware in the boxes had shorted us on 2 inch lag screws.

So, the kids have a beautiful, nicely built, nearly finished playset to entertain themselves in the backyard.

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