Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at the Hanley's

We went to Virginia over the Easter weekend and stayed with our friends, Lisa & Tommy Hanley. We went to our favorite Indian restaurant, Nawab, and had a couple of Easter egg hunts with the kids. We were also able to visit with our good friends Chris and Angela on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, we all went to Waters Edge Church for Easter services. They had a huge crowd and in between the two services they had an "Egg Drop" instead of an Easter Egg Hunt. We all went outside and they had the kids divided into age groups and a helicopter flew over head and dropped 20,000 eggs on to a field and the kids all got to go after them. Dave was with Zachary so he got several eggs. It was a little overwhelming for Grace but I think they both enjoyed seeing the helicopter dropping the eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday afternoon

Grace obviously got some lip gloss in her Easter basket

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canscrap4u2 said...

Tell Grace, that is so her color of lip gloss! I love it!