Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Disney World

We celebrated Dave's homecoming by going to Disney World February 24 - 29. We had so much fun and got to hook up and visit with some good friends also. We drove down on Saturday the 23rd and stopped in Jacksonville, FL and spent the night. Our good friends, Lou Anne and Walt East who we knew in VA, now live in Jacksonville. They had us over the next morning for a delicious breakfast and we were able to visit with them for several hours.

We then headed on to Disney World and met up with our good friends, Lisa, Tommy and Katie Hanley from Hampton, VA at Wolfgang Pucks at Downtwon Disney for dinner. They knew we had a Disney trip planned and decided to come down for a couple of days. It was really good to see them. Dave had not seen them since we moved from VA in July. We also were able to spend a day with them at Magic Kingdom before they headed home.

It was a great trip with beautiful weather except for one night which rained cats and dogs and we just bought Disney ponchos and went with it.

The last day of our trip was my favorite. I've always wanted to go to Epcot and go to the World Showcase and just sample different foods from all the different countries. We've never done this before as we usually go somewhere and eat and then are too full to go around and sample. Well, since we are DVC members, we usually purchase the Disney Dining plan which gives you so many snacks, counter service and sit down meals per day per person. Well, Dave was afraid that we would be short some snacks or counter service meals so in the beginning he was paying for our food instead of using the Dining plan. So, on the day that we checked out of the resort and were to head home, we had several snacks left and 7 counter service meals! Of course I had to tell him, "I told you so" but it actually worked out really well. Our dining plan didn't expire till midnight so we went to Epcot and did exactly what I've always wanted to do. We just strolled through the different countries and sampled. We all shared a delicious combinaton plate in Mexico, orange chicken in China, schwarma & hummus in Moroco, fish and chips in England, ham & cheese crescent and chocolate crepe in France and I'm sure there were more that I'm just not remembering. It was so nice though and it turned out to be both Dave's and my favorite day.
Needless to say, we got a late start home and only made it to Jacksonville, FL that day but safely got home the following day. And we are already planning our next trip to Disney in December with all of my family!

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