Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cars Cars Cars

Now that Dave is back home, we were able to paint and fix up Zachary's room. I had most of the house painted while he was gone but he wanted to help do Zachary's room so we waited until he got home from Iraq. Zachary was so ready for his room to be painted but he waited very patiently. He loves the Disney Pixar movie Cars and I found some really cute bedding so that is the theme we went with. Dave wanted to do something really bold and fun. I wasn't too sure about it all but I agreed to let him do what he wanted and it turned out great! We painted the walls a brick red, blue and a burnt orange and we put up a border of tire tracks to divide the colors. Dave did a great job painting and it looks great. We've still got a poster and some prints to hang but Zachary loves his new room. He thinks it's cool!

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