Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Grace lost her first tooth on Sunday. Her bottom two teeth have been loose for awhile now, one more so than the other. Then all of a sudden on Sunday we were on our way home from church and she says, "Mom, look". The tooth that had not been as loose was REALLY loose and she was pushing it out at almost a 90 degree angle. It was gross! We came home and I was getting ready to take some pictures of the kids in front of the Christmas tree and she walked in holding her tooth. She had just pulled it out all by herself and was so excited! I had gotten her a little tooth fairy pillow for her birthday so that night we put the tooth in the pillow but then she forgot to put it under her pillow. I got online to find out what the going rate for the tooth fairy was these days and decided that $2 was a good amount so I stuck it in her tooth fairy pillow, then put it by her pillow. She couldn't believe it the next morning when she looked and saw the money.

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cnapoleon said...

Hi Williams Family,
We were excited to see that you have a blog also. Kaulani lost his first tooth about 2 weeks ago. It was exciting! Glad you are all doing well. Miss seeing you around town. We will keep visiting your site. Take care.
The Napoleon's